Bachelorette Party

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Created by Ellen Krause Lehman, about 6 years ago

WOO for a good time!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

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Created by Mark J. Lehman, about 6 years ago

Hittin all the clubs, bottles full of bubs

Bachelor Party

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Created by Hunt, about 6 years ago

This is the hunt I want my bachelor party guests to participate in. They will find food and water.


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Created by Jenn, about 6 years ago

Run around Sacto!

Baby Crawl

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Created by Andrea, about 6 years ago

Crawl the trail of a baby to the baby shower!!!

We "Like" Hunt

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Created by JBONE, about 6 years ago

Yo party people, this is your chance of a lifetime to boost that ol self esteem of yours! Do you find your self not being "liked" enough on social media? Do you find yourself spending most nights alone looking at others who have been "liked" a lot on social media sites? Cry by yourself in the corner NO MORE! We have the hunt for you! Meet up at 8:00 PM PST or whatever on some day that is coordinated within this hunt. Give yourself all code names and meet up at the spot. Then, it is your mission, if you so choose to accept it, to take pictures in front of local landmarks as indicated in the We "Like" Hunt specifications and post to social media. At the end of the night, the group re-assembles and enjoys libations. Who wins? EVERYONE. Seriously though, person with most "likes" at the end of the night on whatever social media site is designated will be crowned the "Most Likeable" of the day. The benefits abound: higher self esteem, more friends, better self image, save money on motivational speakers. The benefits go on and on! So why wait? Lets get some likes and start the "We 'Like" Hunt" today!!!